Whole House Repiping Services

Does your home have old pipes or needs repiping?

Dealing with pipes may be risky, as some old pipes can cause flooding and sever water damages.

It will be necessary to perform a detailed assessment before repiping to establish the amount of damage, and the proprietor and plumber should create a plan about what will be done.

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If you are not sure what services you need, or wish for your home to be checked, you can call us and acquire a free estimate after checking your home and its damages.

Why is repiping important?

Your home’s repiping system is one of the most important systems in your entire house. It’s responsible for bringing fresh water into your home and getting rid of wastewater.

Making sure that your repiping system remains in good repair is one of the smartest things to do to make sure that your water system is in good condition. One of the best ways to do this is by repiping your home or business’s plumbing system.

Repiping is the process of replacing the old, worn-out pipes in your home with new, high-quality pipes.

Risks from old pipes

When it comes to water pipes, old isn’t always better. In fact, in some cases, it can be downright dangerous. That’s because old pipes are often made from materials that corrode and leach harmful chemicals into the water supply.

Lead, for example, is a known toxin that can cause all sorts of health problems, from cancer to learning disabilities.

Water pipes installed in homes before the mid-1980s may contain lead.

Lead can cause health problems, including brain damage, especially in young children. Pipes that are corroded or have been disturbed (by digging, for example) are more likely to release lead into the water.

Even low levels of lead can be harmful. If you have an old home with lead pipes, you should take steps to reduce your family’s exposure to lead in drinking water.

What do our repiping services offer you

Our repiping services are unmatched, as we dedicate all of our time and effort to keep a healthy environment for you and your beloved ones.

Copper Pipe Replacement – Replace old and overused copper pipes, which may lead to serious health issues. We can replace a single pipe or replace all pipes in your home.

CPVC Pipe Replacement – Replace old and overused CPVC pipes, which may lead to serious health issues. We can replace a single pipe or replace all pipes in your home.

CPVC Pipe Repiping – Replace old CPVC pipes, which are no longer usable and may lead to serious health issues.

Rusty Pipes Replacement – Replace rusty pipes pipes, which can infect your water line.

Emergency Repiping – Immediately respond to your emergency case, and repipe your broken or busted pipes. The service can be used at any time, as we work 24/7.

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement – Replace your old and used Polybutylene Pipe, which can be no longer used, as they can cause health issues.

Copper Pipe Repiping – Replace your old copper pipes with newer ones. We can do Copper repiping, or change your copper pipes with any others as per your demand.

Whole home repiping – Replace the old and used pipes in your home with the same type but newer ones, or use another model as per your demands.

What pipes do our repiping services in Georgia offer

PVC Pipes

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are a very popular choice for sinks, toilet, showers and drain lines. They are made of plastic, and are an ideal solution, as the water will be protected from rust and corrosion.

PVC Pipes are very well known for lasting longer than other types of pipes, and can handle high water pressures. They can also be used for the main water supply line in your home, which makes it a better option than the traditional galvanized steel pipes.

PEX Pipes

PEX pipes are polyethylene cross-linked pipes, which are the most affordable plastic solution for water supply lines. It’s also one of the greatest choices for preventing rust and corrosion, with a similar lifetime like PVC pipes.

PEX Pipes can also be installed in your ceilings, basements, and even crawl spaces. These pipes can handle high water pressures, and will withstand any kind of danger.

And since PEX pipes are cross-linked, you will see them in different coloring, which will indicate the pipes for hot and cold water.

However, installing PEX pipes will need to be installed by a professional plumbing company in Georgia. We can handle such issues, and give you a cost-affordable solution.

ABS Pipes

ABS Pipes (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) are similar to PVC and PEX pipes, which are easier to be identified due to the black colors they have. The ABS pipes are a very good choice and can withstand cold temperatures.

The best ways to install ABS pipes are a great solution for vents and drain lines, and can also withstand high water pressures.

A downside to ABS pipes is that they can be noisier than other types of pipes. If you don’t have good home isolations and thicker walls, the noise from the pipes will be heard, which may be a disturbance.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes were one of the oldest and most modern in the plumbing industry for decades. These pipes can last for more than 50 years, and were the main solution for sinks, showers, tubs, fixtures, and drain systems for old homes.

They are corrosion-resistant, and can fully protect the quality of water in your home.

However, copper pipes are heavier than other types of pipes, but they can last for a longer time, and could be suitable for any kind of water system.

Cast Iron and Galvanized Steel Pipes

Cast Iron and Galvanized steel pipes are one of the oldest solutions for water systems, which were mainly used in the early years of the 20th century. You can still find homes which use them, and that’s for a reason.

Cast Iron and Galvanized Steel Pipes have been known for their durability and usage in water distribution systems.

Cast Iron pipes were mostly used for sewer pipes, or drainage systems, which gained a large popularity and made them a very affordable choice.

However, the cast iron pipes are prone to rust and corrosion, which will affect the ability for clean water to be distributed.

Due to the issue that cast and galvanized Iron pipes hold, many homeowners are switching to PEX or PVC pipes, which makes it the best solution for maintaining a clean water system.

Should you Repipe with Copper or Pex

When one of our plumbers determines that your issue is coming from your piping, the next important step is to consider whether copper or PEX pipes will be required for the job.

Most houses in Georgia are still set with Copper pipes, costing homeowners huge sums for water usage, and heating.

However, with our cost-efficient solutions of using PEX pipes for house repiping, your home will withstand higher temperatures, and lower your overall bills.

Benefits of Whole House Repiping

When it comes to the benefits of whole house repiping in Georgia, you will need to understand that you are investing in a healthy and safe home. Working with our team will bring you the benefits of:

  • Avoiding high water bills.
  • Prevent burst pipes.
  • Remove corroded pipes.
  • Inspect your home for free before starting.
  • Increase the life of your house’s plumbing system.
  • Provide additional house inspections at lower prices.

What Impacts the Cost of Whole House Repiping

Since we value our customers and want to be fully transparent with you, we have given an overview of what can impact the cost of our whole house repiping services.

The size of your house

Big houses require more fixtures and have a bigger plumbing system, requiring precise work, and careful repiping solutions. The size of your house may have an impact on the overall estimate, however, we compensate for this pricing with quality services.

Pipe Material

Depending on the quality of your house, and the plumbing system it has, our plumbers can find the most affordable, and efficient solution for you.

Perhaps you may have not heard, but CPVC pipes are one of the newest and most preferred pipes, as they have a great price and quality, which fits every home.

Access to Plumbing

Access to your plumbing system is crucial when it comes to whole-house repiping services. Depending on the difficulty to access your plumbing system, the overall estimates may vary. However, easy-to-access plumbing systems tend to be cheaper and fast for repiping.

Local Permit Fees

Sometimes a plumber may be required to receive a permit from your city to perform house repiping, which may also affect the overall pricing. However, we from Alpha Plumbing do not charge anything extra for local permits to perform house repiping.


Do you answer emergency calls?

If you have a special case, which cannot wait a minute longer, you can call us and we will directly send the best plumber, to check on site and restore the damages.

What is your working time?

We have no fixed working time. We are basically 24/7 available and work on holidays.

Issues never rest, so do we.

Will the re-piping expert be certified?

We offer the best re-piping services, which include professionally trained and certified experts with many 12 years of proven expertise after certification.

Each plumber in our team has minimum 12 years of proven experience and is ready to take on any challenge.

Do you offer residential repiping services?

Yes, residential repiping services are indeed offered by us, and can be used at any time, and any place. We answer calls 24/7 and in case of a emergency, which needs a repiping expert, we will be there ASAP.

Do you offer commercial repiping services

Yes, commercial repiping services are indeed offered by us, and can be used at any time, and any place. We answer calls 24/7 and in case of a emergency, which needs a repiping expert, we will be there ASAP.

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If you are not sure what services you need, or wish for your home to be checked, you can call us and acquire a free estimate after checking your home and its damages.